“Put flowers in your guns” it’s the beginning of a song from I giganti, Proposta, presented at the Sanremo Music Festival of italian song in 1967. Flowers, nature, weapons. Two antithetical concepts, often used in opposition to each other: good and evil. But nature and weapons also speak to us about individuals, about choices and above all of communities, bringing us back to an ancestral nature, to manual skills that we are gradually forgetting.

Starting from archival photos of the trenches in World War I, reused as vegetable gardens in the post-war period, to close-up from technical manuals, the hands become the link between these two worlds. By stripping away any visual reference on the tools used, the ambiguity created by the archival material and the gestures question the viewers.

Honorable mention at the PhC Capalbio Photofestival 2020