Site-specific installation for a.topos gallery,
Hortus Conclusus is an artistic intervention intended to dialogue with the gallery space, with the city of Venice and its structure. By Hortus conclusus we mean a green area, usually small in size, surrounded by high walls, in which monks cultivated plants and trees. Green spaces in Venice have always been confined on islands or in small allotments, private or public such as the Parco delle Rimembranze in Sant’Elena. The presence of gardens and parks is a rarity: these are often thought as closed, circumscribed structures.

This project wants to bring a series of photographs of trees and plants into the closed accessible gallery space, thus replicating the dynamics between the citizen of Venice and the vegetation. It is a reflection on the structure of the city, on the need of green areas and a dialogue between the outside and inside of the gallery as a space of interaction.

exhibited at a.topos gallery in March 2020.