In the framework of the annual workshop Argini Annual Workshop, in collaboration with ICCD and Officine fotografiche roma, I decided to work on the end credits of the movie La Grande Bellezza, a long continuous shot, taken from one of the boats that cruise the Tiber river.
I focused my attention on just one out of the five bridges shot in the sequence, Ponte Mazzini, and I worked on synthesizing visually both the quantity of frames and the movements.
By displaying 35 frames at a time, the scrolling and consequentiality go from one to two dimension, thus amplifying the spatial and temporal sensation.
The resolution of the images has been lowered in order to decrease recognisability and focus only on shapes, highlighting the camera movements and the spaces of the landscape revealed to the viewer.

The differences between consecutive images are thinned down, the concept of a decisive moment is watered down, the exaggeration of images leads to a lack of them.