The Diver is a work inspired by the representations of the Tomb of the Diver, in Paestum (it). In his most emblematic fresco, a naked young man suspended in the air, with a trampoline behind him, is caught in the moment before entering the water.
The dive constitutes a symbolic moment, the passage from death to the afterlife, from this life to another, unknown and hopefully celestial. The main theme of this work is the loss, focusing on the thoughts and feelings that this event brings into our lives as it unfolds over time: pain, emptiness, lack of meaning, but also a desire for rebirth, research, spirituality, the desire to find one's own path and to reconstruct the steps taken.

The loss, in its various forms, pushes us to confront the unstoppable flow of life and death and tends to confront us with the elusive nature of existence and our way of clinging to it.

shortlisted @Diecixdieci photography festival 5th ed.